Presidential ex-wives, &c.

Jane Wyman, in a studio publicity photo, c. 1950s (Public domain via Wikimedia)
On Jane Wyman, words, Trump, Biden, game times, Fred Sanford, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and more

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE F or reasons I could explain, I was thinking of Marla Maples the other day — second wife of Donald Trump. And I heard a dog not barking. Unless I’m mistaken, she has been very quiet during these past four years. I haven’t heard anything from her. Have you? Same with the first Mrs. Trump, Ivana.

I thought of Jane Wyman — first wife of Ronald Reagan. (He was Wyman’s third husband. She would have five.) (I’m not making a judgment. Some lives are messy. Many are. I’m just observing these facts.)

She, too, was very quiet during her ex-husband’s presidency (though she

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