Trump vs. Biden: A Rundown

President Trump at a White House briefing, September 4, 2020; Joe Biden at a campaign event in Pittsburgh, Pa., August 31, 2000. (Leah Millis, Alan Freed/Reuters)
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NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE O ne week out, the contrasts are worth assessing.

Foreign Policy
Biden so far has issued no substantive critique of Trump’s foreign policy other than banalities that Trump’s comportment and unpredictability have offended allies and tarnished America’s reputation.

But who exactly, according to Biden, is offended?

China? Russia? Iran? Turkey? And all those states that, given their records, should be offended?

Or are the aggrieved Arab World, Israel, Brazil, Poland, and India, angry at Trump’s outreach to them all?

Most likely, Biden believes that German-controlled Western Europe rightly loathes Trump.

It certainly may. But Europe tends to be fond of charismatic would-be-intellectual presidents such as Bill Clinton and

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