Watch a Biden Surrogate Call for a Special-Counsel Probe of Hunter’s Influence Peddling

Then-vice president Joe Biden and his son Hunter attend an NCAA basketball game in Washington, D.C., 2010. (Jonathan Ernst/Reuters)
If we are going to have even the pretense of evenhanded administration of justice, maybe the Biden campaign should be taken up on its surrogate’s word.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE A contentious interview with a Biden campaign surrogate on the Hunter Biden laptop story made the rounds last week. Most of the commentary seems to have missed a key point: She endorsed a special counsel to investigate the controversy.

To recap: Joe Biden’s surviving son Hunter is your textbook ne’er-do-well political relative (complete with an unsavory trail of drugs and sexual liaisons) who has made virtually his entire career out of cashing in on his father’s influential position. This is not a new story in politics; it was not a new story in politics when Donald Trump got into politics, or

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