We Didn’t Need the Hunter Biden Revelations to Know It’s Wrong

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden delivers remarks at a voter-mobilization event campaign stop at the Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal in Cincinnati, Ohio, October 12, 2020. (Tom Brenner/Reuters)
Hunter Biden’s emails show us what we already know.


It’s disinformation.

And insofar as it’s true, it just shows Joe Biden is a great dad.

You should be prevented from sharing it on social media, maybe you should be punished for trying to share it. Because it’s debunked.

A Washington Post story, quoting other people who were in on this thing that didn’t happen, says it’s fake news. You’re doing Putin’s work for him. We’re going to have truth and reconciliation commissions after this election to deal with this kind of thing.

Listen, maybe it looks bad, but it’s not illegal.

That’s how the media has responded to the Hunter Biden disclosures at

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