Biden’s Cabinet: The Return of the Blob

Then-Deputy Secretary of State Antony Blinken leaves after attending a news conference in Mexico City, April 30, 2015. (Henry Romero/Reuters)
Biden wants Antony Blinken — an establishment favorite who has been wrong on nearly every foreign-policy issue in the past two decades — to be his secretary of state.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE J oe Biden is putting the band back together.

As a Washington Post reporter tweets, the president-elect is “emphatically embracing the foreign policy establishment spurned” by Donald Trump. “Biden foreign policy begins with telling the world: ‘America’s back,’” explains what purports to be a straight-news piece, by another Washington Post writer. Biden, we learn, pledges to rejoin the Paris climate accord, the World Health Organization, the Iran nuclear deal, and to restore U.S. aid to the corrupt Palestinian leadership.

Let’s just say, Biden’s band has some big fans in Washington, D.C., and Brussels. To understand how this dynamic works, here is the Guardian

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