Monumental Misdirection at the Mellon Foundation

Artist Dustin Klein projects a Black Lives Matter image onto the statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee in Richmond, Va., June 18, 2020. (Julia Rendleman/Reuters)
Hundreds of millions for woke public art aimed to stoke victimologies

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE M ost monuments are boringly bad, aesthetically mediocre, and engaging mostly when pigeons, unimpressed by great causes or men, do what pigeons do to outdoor art. Their judgments are ecumenical and evacuational.

Pigeons also would probably disagree with me on one point. We have too many monuments. You’d think the tortured, 20-year path of the Eisenhower Memorial in Washington would put people off monuments for a while. It’s not as ugly as it might have been. Oddly, it’s best seen at night, when the big mesh screen makes sense, though who’s walking around the Washington Mall these days after dark?

The Mellon Foundation

(Jonathan Ernst/Reuters)

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