There Are Two Republican Parties. They Need to Unite

President Trump supporters protest at Clark County Election Center in North Las Vegas, Nev., November 5, 2020. (Steve Marcus/Reuters)
Their greatest enemy will be divisions among their own.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE T here will be more lessons to draw from the 2020 election as the vote-counting proceeds, and after the two Georgia Senate runoffs decide control of the Senate. For now, we know that (1) turnout was extremely high for both parties; (2) Republicans had easily the better night than Democrats below the presidential level, with many Republican candidates running ahead of Donald Trump; (3) Trump and some down-ticket Republicans did surprisingly well with non-white voters, particularly Hispanic voters in Florida and Texas; (4) the presidential race was extremely close in four states Donald Trump carried narrowly in 2016 (Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin,


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