A Whopper of an Election-Rigging Claim  

Voting machines on display at an early voting location in Chamblee, Ga., October 9, 2020. (Chris Aluka Berry/Reuters)
No, there is not a 68 percent error rate in Dominion voting machines.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE A ntrim County in Michigan was the kernel of the “rigged election” narrative: It was there that the county clerk, an earnest Republican woman, copped to a mistake that, for a short time, caused 6,000 Trump votes to be counted as Biden votes.

It was a good-faith error. It was, inevitably, corrected. And there are paper receipts for all votes. Even if the machine tabulation is thrown off by a formatting problem, the paper doesn’t lie, and there are multiple layers of bipartisan review. When Biden appeared to be ahead in this solidly Republican county, that raised eyebrows, the ballots were checked,

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