After Strange Gods

Christ the Redeemer statue at sunrise in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Wolfgang Rattay/Reuters)
The search for a 'nonsectarian, gender-inclusive' messiah

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE L ady Gaga; The Da Vinci Code; Rick Ross wearing a diamond rosary; The Young Pope; The Borgias; Christmas movies; Pulp Fiction; Dune; “Sexy nun” Halloween costumes; Halloween in general, and about half the horror movies you’ve ever seen; Madonna, if anybody remembers — It would be fair to describe contemporary trash culture as fixated on Christian images and iconography, the deep well to which it keeps returning, generation after generation, for reasons that should be obvious.

And, now, Handel’s Messiah. Sort of.

With the standing caveat that some things in our time truly are beyond the reach of satire, consider this account

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