An Absurd Call for ‘Vote Reparations’

Voters cast their ballots at a Fulton County polling station in Atlanta, Ga., October 13, 2020. (Elijah Nouvelage/Reuters)
This unconstitutional proposal would obliterate the one-man/one-vote ideal.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE J ust when it seems that the Left’s extremism has reached its outer limits, a new radical idea comes forward. Brandon Hasbrouck, a professor at Washington and Lee University, has taken to the pages of The Nation, the Left’s preeminent periodical, to advocate so-called “vote reparations.”

It’s an idea more dangerous than it is farfetched (though it is that as well). The scheme recommends double-counting the votes of black Americans. This doesn’t merely set aside the one-man/one-vote ideal that our republic operates on; it obliterates it. This proposal wouldn’t pass constitutional muster, nor should it.

Counting some votes more than others is a throwback to a

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