Cancel Culture Is a Teenage Nightmare

(wildpixel/Getty Images)
The New York Times called the case of Mimi Groves ‘a reckoning,’ leaving no space for forgiveness.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE J immy Galligan — the 18-year-old biracial teen who has “no regrets” about purposefully derailing the life of his white former classmate for once using a slur when she was 15 — is hardly the first teenage bully. Hopefully he’ll grow out of that. But in any case, neither he nor his target deserves the national media coverage they have been getting.

Here’s the catalytic nonsense: In 2016, Mimi Groves, then-high-school freshman at Heritage High School in Loudoun County, Va., sent a video to her friend on Snapchat in which she said the words, “I can drive, n*****s.” This ill-conceived and inappropriate


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