Classical-Style Architecture Makes a Comeback

The Federal courthouse in Corpus Christi, Texas, is an example of good, contemporary Classical design. (Photo courtesy WKMC Architects and Hartman-Cox Architects, 2001)
A new Trump order dilutes the role of private-sector architects, critics, and academics in the committee overseeing government building aesthetics.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE A rchitecture is in the news. I’m in Houston to write about the Museum of Fine Arts’ new building, designed by Steven Holl, which opened a few weeks ago. I’ll also write about the newly renovated Rothko Chapel, which is a gem — and in Houston, too. Before I do these stories, though, I want to look at architecture news that broke a few days before Christmas.

It seems the Mall in Washington might get two new museums in brand-new buildings. And Zeus sent a thunderbolt from Mount Olympus: The classical style, dating from the time of the Greek temple, is now


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