Exclusive: Republicans Launch Legislative Broadside Against China

Chinese president Xi Jinping arrives to speak at the Communist Party congress in Beijing in 2017. (China Daily/via Reuters)
New bills aim to build on Trump-era policies, and set the tone for pushing back against the CCP during the Biden presidency.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE A merica’s relationship with the Chinese Communist Party-State has entered a new age — and it’s about time. The Trump administration over the past four years jettisoned the conventional wisdom that once saw the CCP like any other geopolitical competitor, whose authoritarianism and pretensions to global dominance were just another portfolio to be managed.

Beijing itself has also shattered the old American illusions about its rise as it sought to gaslight the world about the coronavirus pandemic’s origins, strangled democracy in Hong Kong, and built a system of industrial-scale prison camps in China’s West. Today’s emerging consensus endorses a no-holds-barred competition with

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