Lockout-Loving Museums Spiral Downward

All dressed up and no where to go as museums in Chicago lock the public out. Pictured: Woman at Her Toilette, 1875-1880, by Berthe Morisot. Oil on canvas. (Art Institute Chicago/Public Domain)
Layoffs, staff chaos, and a public that’s losing the museum-going habit

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE T he fatiguing fundamentalists peddling the COVID panic continue to appall. Here in Vermont, Thanksgiving was, by order of our governor, a one-household affair. Only those who live together could talk turkey together. He then ordered our schoolteachers to enlist children as snitches. At school the Monday after Thanksgiving, children were asked whether their parents had broken the arbitrary, intrusive, and unnecessary one-household rule. If so, kicked out of school the pint-sized criminal was, put in quarantine for two weeks for inferior online learning.

I call it the Green Mountain Stasi. What would Calvin Coolidge think? What would my neighbor, Norman Rockwell,

(Will Dunham/Reuters)


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