No Country for Troublemakers

Rep. Justin Amash and Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (Kevin Lamarque, Mike Segar/Reuters)
In their final weeks in Congress, political gadflies Justin Amash and Tulsi Gabbard are going out with a bang.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE T wo troublemakers may be leaving our politics for good. Representatives Justin Amash and Tulsi Gabbard, increasingly at odds with their parties, declined to run for reelection to the House this year. And the tumultuous, improbable course of their political careers over the last decade tells us something unflattering about our two-party system, and the way Congress is organized.

There are striking similarities between Amash and Gabbard. Both, it could be said, were defined by their opposition to what they saw as the bipartisan failure of the Iraq War and America’s overly aggressive Middle East policy. Both of them vociferously opposed American


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