The Unbearable Tensions in Wokeness

Vice President-elect Kamala Harris speaks to reporters as President-elect Joe Biden listens following their online meeting with members of the National Governors Association in Wilmington, Del. November 19, 2020. (Tom Brenner/Reuters)
A battle between haughty poseurs and redistributors

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE W hat is the goal of the new social-justice politics that emerged in 2014 and gained steam during the Trump years?

One school holds that the virtue-signaling and grievance politics are a kind of moat that the upwardly mobile are creating around their class. It gives them an excuse to eject the deplorables from the community of man. In a very perceptive essay at UnHerd, Matthew Crawford writes that social-justice politics enables the moral and political secession of elites from their nation. “Very simply: if the nation is fundamentally racist, sexist and homophobic, I owe it nothing. More than that, conscience demands

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The Dossier Deceit

The Dossier Deceit

John Durham’s latest indictment reinforces that the Russian collusion conspiracy was built on a preposterous foundation.

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