America First, Biden-Style

President Joe Biden delivers remarks on climate change prior to signing executive orders at the White House, January 27, 2021. (Kevin Lamarque/Reuters)
Economic nationalism has become the new ‘Washington Consensus.’

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE T he Allies’ victory in the Second World War was in a sense rooted in a short text, the Atlantic Charter of 1941, in which Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill committed their nations to the principles of a common cause against Nazism. Just so, democracy’s victory in the Cold War can be traced to the G-7’s “Bonn Declaration” in 1985. At that summit, a virtual pantheon of great democratic leaders — Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, Helmut Kohl, Yasuhiro Nakasone, and even the socialist president of France, François Mitterand — committed their nations to a policy of low regulation, low taxation,

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Mario Loyola is a senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, the director of the Environmental Finance and Risk Management Program of Florida International University, and a visiting fellow at the National Security Institute of George Mason University. The opinions expressed in this column are his alone.


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