Golf in a Time of Pandemic

The golf range at Chelsea Piers, New York City, on December 21, 2020 (Jay Nordlinger)
Or, home on the range

Editor’s Note: The below is an expanded version of an essay published in the current issue of National Review.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE G olf is booming. Courses are jammed (weather permitting). Ranges are buzzing. Instructors are overbooked. Equipment is flying off the shelves. Golf, you can play outdoors, and at a “social distance.”

In October 2020, 11 million more rounds were played than were played in October 2019. July 2020 was a record for equipment sales — $388.6 million. (These are U.S. stats I am citing.) And get this: May 24 saw the most viewed golf event in history.

What was it, the Masters? No, that was


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