The Winter Show: Art Wonders for Sale

Rockwell Kent, Fall Evening, Greenland, 1931-3. Oil on canvas mounted on panel. (Photo courtesy Thomas Colville)
Seventeenth-century riding spurs, an Art Deco sofa from a luxury liner, a luminous Rockwell Kent painting of Greenland …

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE O f all the castes in the art world, I like the dealers the most, and that’s one reason I look forward to the big art fairs. Yes, they’re in trade, and while many curators and academics blanch at the very thought of making money by selling something, I admire dealers for their humor, stamina, connoisseurship, and loyalty to their artists. They don’t get the credit they deserve for fashioning taste and advancing careers.

The dealer Allan Stone was both a genius and a whirlwind. I learned so much from him, Ivan Karp, Richard Yorke, Stuart Feld, Dick Feigen, John Driscoll, Eric

(Photo courtesy Aronson of Amsterdam)


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