The Winter Show’s Art from the Hinterlands

Hong Punchbowl, porcelain, 1780-85. (Courtesy Cohen & Cohen)
Tempting fare from dealers in New Hampshire, Connecticut, Virginia, and rural England

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE W e live in an age of collapsing boundaries and unforeseen calamities. Whether we call these days the Great Swoon, or the Dissolution, or the Dissipation, things are happening that I assumed never would. I’m in Manhattan now, on Wednesday. Grand Central at rush hour is quiet. I haven’t seen a tumbleweed in Midtown yet, but the hustle and bustle are gone. Lots of Midtown is boarded up. Without restaurants, the performing arts, and people in offices generating ticker tape, Manhattan feels like Cleveland.

Did everyone go to the Inauguration? Why would they? Aside from its faceted banality, this one’s surrounded by


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