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‘We Didn’t Start the Fire’: The Trump Years

Then-President Donald Trump dances to the music as he departs at the end of a campaign rally in Carson City, Nev., October 18, 2020. (Carlos Barria/Reuters)
With apologies to the great Billy Joel


Mad Dog Mattis, Betsy D, Sean Spicer, Mick Mul-va

Crowd-size countin’, border walling, pussy hats say no

Muslim bannin’, Stephen Bannon, She persisted, Jeffrey Sessions

Comey fired, Spicer fired, Mar-a-Lago

Covfefe, Gorsuch, Michael Flynn, Franken’s touch

Tom Price, Charlottesville, and a failed health-care-bill

Omarosa, Mueller’s team, Little Rocket Man’s mean

Fire and Fury, deep-state worry, Scaramucci goodbye


We didn’t start the fire

It was always burning since the world’s been turning

We didn’t start the fire

No we didn’t light it but we tried to fight it


Stable Genius, Parkland kids, pee tape and Helsinki fibs

Stormy Daniels, Avenatti, clashing with the Rock

Oprah speech, Mueller’s reach, craphole countries, Kanye preach

Rex Tillerson quits, Kavanaugh’s in shock

Trade war, ICE fuss, op-ed by “Anonymous”

MAGA bomber, Paris deal, Sessions quitting, players kneel

Bill Barr, Roger Stone, Woodward’s latest, trade war

Manafort, Blasey Ford, trouble at the border


We didn’t start the fire, etc.


Rosenstein, Mattis leaves, Michael Cohen, AOC

Bye Rick, Mueller flops, Northam’s blackface photo pops

Jussie hoax, where’s my wall, perfect Ukraine phone call

Squad-trolling, Nancy P, visiting the DMZ

Lizzie Warren drinks beer, Crazy Bernie’s heart clears

Roger Stone, Beto, Manafort goes “Oh no”

Tariffs, Chairman Xi, Trump lookin’ like Rocky III

Fake newsers, get bent, White House correspondents


We didn’t start the fire, etc.


Biden’s back, Bernie’s sad, Democrats are up a tad

Drones away, Iran’s at bay, here comes the impeachment

Nancy was too hasty, Chinese bats are tasty

Death Star campaign, funding comes as no strain

Wu Flu, could it fly, “Don’t be such a racist swine”

COVID reigns, black plague, what else do I have to say?


We didn’t start the fire, etc.


Vote rigging, courts decline, Raffensperger get in line

Last shot, mob shock, QAnon, let’s rock

Stop Pence, bust in, halt the vote, let’s win

Putting feet on Nancy’s desk, this is getting quite grotesque

Wheel of fortune comes to rest, no more beating my own chest

No regrets, did my best, was it something that I said?

Sleepy Joe is in my house, Romney is a filthy mouse

Next time stab me in the front, I’ll be back I’m not a . . . runt


We didn’t start the fire

It was always burning since the world’s been turning

We didn’t start the fire

But when we are gone

Will it still burn on, and on, and on, and on . . .

I love you Billy Joel, don’t sue me.


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