A Kristolized Left?

Bill Kristol on MSNBC’s Morning Joe in 2016 (MSNBC/via YouTube)
There’s a fatal problem for Democrat-curious conservatives: The center-left won’t be able to resist the woke revolution.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE I think Bill Kristol has asked the most necessary question in American politics. And one that too few — left, right, center — have asked. It can be reduced to two words: Now what? Although the headline writers at The Bulwark have chosen three that are just as good: What about Joe?

Kristol asks this for a very good reason. He himself is a leading Never Trump figure. But, unlike so many others, Kristol has recognized that “Trump” can no longer be the defining term of American politics. In effect, Kristol sees what so many people in the mainstream media, among


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