Lone Whistleblower Takes On the Woke Racists at Smith College

Jodi Shaw on her YouTube channel. (Screengrab via YouTube/Jodi Shaw Smith College Big Dig)
Jodi Shaw’s resignation reveals how campus illiberalism can be beaten — and why it’s so difficult to overcome in the first place.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE T he forces of repression and racial animus are running roughshod over America’s colleges and universities. Students and campus bureaucrats silence those who’d dare question academia’s embrace of the doctrine of “systemic racism,” or those who remain skeptical of the racist strategies supposedly required to combat it. For every incident that sees the light of day, there are hundreds of acts of quiet intimidation and self-censorship. Yet much of this phenomenon is not driven by the modest — albeit vocal — number of menacing true believers. Instead, the prevailing forces of campus repression derive from the weak spines of campus leaders,

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