On This Presidents’ Day, Let’s Remember Most of Them Were Terrible

President Woodrow Wilson, c. 1913 (Library of Congress)
What articles of impeachment against some deserving late presidents might look like.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE T he United States might be “A City upon a Hill,” but, for the most part, the ‘mayors’ of that city have been awful. And now that we’ve settled the constitutional question of post-term impeachments, we might begin contemplating the idea of posthumous ones.

Okay, okay — let’s draw the line at actually impeaching the dead, lest the Left get any ideas. But here are some impeachments that should have happened, as a useful Presidents’ Day reminder that most presidents have actually been terrible.

The United States, after all, has been plagued by chief executives, somewhere around half in my estimation, who were

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