Planned Parenthood’s Annual Report Proves It’s an Abortion Group

Sign on a Planned Parenthood building in New York in 2015. (Lucas Jackson/Reuters)
Though the organization claims otherwise, it is the nation’s largest abortion provider.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE P lanned Parenthood has just released its annual report for 2019, revealing that the number of abortions it provides has risen for the third year in a row — even as its prenatal care and adoption referrals dropped.

Back in 2016, Planned Parenthood performed about 321,000 abortions, an immense number compared with the overall U.S. abortion rate. The following year, that number rose to nearly 333,000, and it rose again in 2018 to about 346,000. In 2019, the number of abortions performed at Planned Parenthood clinics increased yet again, to almost 355,000.

While data from the Centers for Disease Control suggest that the


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