The Misleading AP Attack on the Catholic Church for Accepting COVID Relief

Stained glass at St. Michael’s Church in New York, N.Y. (Courtesy St. Michael’s Church, NY, NY)
The AP doesn’t quite get Catholicism. But why should that stop it from attacking the Catholic Church?

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE I n early 2020, a pandemic came to America. We started staying home, then we were ordered to stay home. The market tanked. The economy tanked. Unemployment soared.

You remember all this, because you lived it. We all did.

Congress created a program to keep people in their jobs. (It was something of a miracle that Congress did something, by the way). The program would help businesses and nonprofits make payroll. Keep people buying groceries. Help us get through this.

Federal law set eligibility requirements for the program. It set specific criteria for churches. Some churches applied for money, got the money, and kept

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JD Flynn is a canon lawyer, and editor of The Pillar, an independent journalism project focused on the Catholic Church.


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