They’ll break your heart in San Francisco, &c.

San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge (Robert Galbraith/Reuters)
A state, a city, Burma, AOC, QAnon, dogs, Andy Reid, and more

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE O f our 50 states, a lot of them have problems. (There are no utopias here, or elsewhere. “Utopia” means “no place.”) We conservatives like to focus on California and New York — not Mississippi and Alabama. Or Kentucky and Tennessee. Or South Dakota and Idaho. Why is that? Is it because these other states are problem-free? Models of governmental and societal health?

Ah, no. Anyway, we can get into this question another time. Let’s concentrate on California.

One reason that some of us do this — concentrate on California — is that we love it so. California is pretty much the greatest

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