A Problematic Assumption: When Anti-Racism Runs Amok

Assumption University in Worcester, Mass. (Assumption University via Facebook)
The university’s SGA thinks students must pledge fealty to the Church of Kendi. And you know what they say when you assume.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE A t a time when the doctrine of woke holds that “silence is complicity” and when the gospel according to Kendi decrees all matters must be judged as functions of pigmentation, the to-do at Assumption University, a Catholic institution located in Worcester, Mass., merits our attention and concern — even perhaps our anger.

To many, what has happened may be little more than a commonplace occurrence, a thing of frequency to be tolerated and accepted. What can be so bad about this contretemps?

What gives? This gives: The leaders of the Student Government Association at Assumption are excited! They’ve concocted a pledge. And


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