Bonfire of the Sanities: California’s Deranged Revival of the Aztec Gods

Skulls at an exhibition of artifacts at the Templo Mayor Aztec complex in Mexico City, Mexico, in 2017. (Henry Romero/Reuters)
Apparently, for the sake of the state's schoolchildren, we need to set the record straight on the blood-soaked worship of ancient deities.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE T he Board of Education in California recently voted unanimously to approve an Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum for use in all of the state’s public schools. As our editorial pointed out on the day the vote was taken, this curriculum is “probably the most radical, polemical, and ideologically loaded educational document ever offered up for public consideration in the free world.” It’s a purpose-built program of indoctrination into the worst kind of tribal politics — a project of social engineering designed to erase the unique personal distinctiveness of the human being and remake each of us into avatars of our immutable

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