CNN Misleads Viewers on Cuomo-Brother Interview ‘Rule’

Andrew (left) and Chris Cuomo (Mike Segar/Reuters)
The network didn't have to make an exception during COVID. Its prohibition on Cuomo interviewing his brother was never consistently enforced.

As Andrew Cuomo has come under fire for allegedly sexually harassing at least three women, CNN has fallen back on a 2013 “rule” that purportedly prevents the younger Cuomo from “interviewing and covering his brother” — a rule that was implicitly and explicitly ignored for years.

On Monday, Chris Cuomo opened his primetime show by conceding that he is “obviously” unable to cover the accusations leveled at the governor “because he is my brother” — a sentiment he elaborated upon during his Tuesday radio show. While the explanation seems to contradict the governor’s near-nightly appearances on his brother’s show last year,


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