Cuomo Has Lost Control of His Self-Investigation Theater

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (Carlo Allegri/Reuters)
New York’s shrewd attorney general is frustrating the embattled governor’s efforts to once again steer a misconduct probe.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE D on’t for a moment buy New York governor Andrew Cuomo’s act. We’ve seen this one before.

Knowing he was certain to be subjected to an investigation into recent sexual-harassment allegations against him by, now, three women (and counting), the governor tried to put the best spin on it by appearing publicly to demand that investigation. Behind the scenes though, he was trying to orchestrate an investigation that he could influence.

Cuomo knows how badly an actual independent investigation could go because he’s already had one blow up on him. The last time he tried to orchestrate an “independent” state-corruption investigation, he so


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