Do You Really Need a Tomato?

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On the theology of Farhad Manjoo

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE F arhad Manjoo was born in South Africa to a family of Indian origin, but he is what you might call radically assimilated: He isn’t a lukewarm, run-of-the-mill, modern, multicultural American — he is a bona fide Puritan, right up there with Jonathan Edwards, and he has a sin to confess: He used to fly — a lot.

“I see now how I’ve sinned,” he writes in the New York Times.

Get that sinner a scarlet letter — or two: “FF” for “Frequent Flyer.”

Manjoo, who sheepishly (but not really sheepishly — the kids call it a “humblebrag,” I believe) admits to having jetted


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