How the Media Destroyed the Reputation of a Great President

Warren G. Harding, c. 1920 (Library of Congress)
Warren G. Harding’s short presidency was a monumental success. So progressive mythmakers set out to smear him.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE O ne hundred years ago this month, one of our greatest presidents took office. In a moment of national crisis, Warren G. Harding restored the economic health of the United States. Harding was also, for a man of his time, atypically enlightened about the perniciousness of racism, and, contrary to legend, honest. That none of this is generally acknowledged is due to a posthumous series of smears by left-wing journalists and historians, which started with a hatchet job in The New Republic. Harding’s legacy is perhaps modern America’s first example of how an ideologically motivated media and academic establishment can set

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