Museum Art Vaults, Raided for Cash?

Will art museum directors raid the vault in an art-for-cash scheme? (XiXinXing/Getty Images)
The COVID lockdowns have spawned a bad idea: sell art to shore up bloated budgets.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE L ast week, I wrote about good news from European museums. Museums in Paris, Dublin, London, and Florence announced initiatives directly related to . . . drum roll, whistles, 76 trombones, and shocked and awed gasps . . . art, of all things. We shouldn’t be shocked and awed. Through schisms, invasions, wars, despotism, and depressions, from Huns to Flagellants, Jacobins, Reds, and Nazis, custodians of heritage in the Old World keep their collective eye on what’s sculpted, painted, gilded, and wrought.

Evidently, not so much here in America. I can’t remember a week of more mirthless news in the museum world.

(Metropolitan Museum of Art/Open Access)


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