Policing Your Plate: Another Aspect of ‘Socially Responsible’ Investment

Shopping in a Tesco supermarket in Hatfield, U.K., October 6, 2020 (Peter Cziborra/Reuters)
If your grocery store nags you into eating more broccoli, blame the woke shareholders.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE M any politically driven campaigns are open-ended. With one mission under way, another can easily be added on. “Socially responsible” investing (SRI), a movement that is nothing if not politically driven, is no exception.

A recent article from the Financial Times, “Tesco under Fire for Lack of Action on Obesity Crisis,” underlines that point. The story is mainly set in the U.K., but there are similar initiatives taking place over here.

Tesco has come under fire from a group of shareholders who claim that the UK’s largest supermarket chain is exacerbating the country’s obesity crisis.

The shareholders, which include asset manager Robeco, Jesuits in


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