The Return of Mass Shootings — and Logical Fallacies

Law enforcement officers stand at the perimeter of a shooting site at a King Soopers grocery store in Boulder, Colo., March 22, 2021. (Kevin Mohatt/Reuters)
The problems with how many on the left view voter fraud, and with how they view gun violence.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE I f you have ever had a conversation with a Democrat friend about election fraud, you know how it goes:

Caitlyn Moonbeam-D’Vegan: “There isn’t any election fraud.”

Scrooge McJudgy: “Of course there is. A Philadelphia judge of elections just went to jail for rigging an election in exchange for a bribe of $300, which isn’t very much money, even in Philadelphia.”

Caitlyn Moonbeam-D’Vegan: “I never said there wasn’t any election fraud.”

Scrooge McJudgy: “. . .”

Caitlyn Moonbeam-D’Vegan: “But it isn’t widespread.”

Scrooge McJudgy: “Well, it fits the most common definition of ‘widespread,’ inasmuch as it has happened in a lot of elections in a lot of


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