60 Minutes Shows Absolutely No Remorse for Its Corrupt DeSantis Smear

(Carlos Barria/File Photo via Reuters)
What CBS did is similar to what someone staging a fake hate crime does — fabricate evidence in an attempt to illustrate a supposedly ‘broader truth.’

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE H aving lied so brazenly about the nature of Florida’s COVID-vaccine rollout that even the state’s Democrats felt compelled to speak up in outrage, CBS has taken a week to consider its behavior and decided that it did nothing wrong.

Well, that must be a relief.

Acknowledging the incident at the end of last night’s 60 Minutes, host Sharyn Alfonsi steered clear of such prosaic questions as whether what she had said was true or false, and chose instead to deploy an impressively pusillanimous version of the “we started a conversation” defense. “Some viewers,” Alfonsi explained, “including a retired newsman, applauded the story”

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