Ancient Chinese Jade, to Soothe the Soul and Restore Perspective

Mosaic Portrait Mask, Western Zhou Period, 1047 B.C.- A.D. 772. Jade. (Courtesy Throckmorton Fine Art)
Sea-green owls, eagles, dragons, clouds, and faces, at Throckmorton in Manhattan

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE T oday I’m writing about ancient Chinese jade and a small, splendid show of the best examples at Throckmorton, the specialist dealer on East 57th Street. I’ve written a lot about art fairs but never about a single dealer and a specific show at his or her gallery. Some of the best exhibitions and scholarship come these days from dealers, so I’ve been remiss.

The show at Throckmorton, Jade: The Stone of Heaven, considers 7,000 years of carved and polished Chinese jade. Jade has always been a luxury staple in China, but in antiquity it was the decoration of choice to accompany


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