Biden Budget: More Federal Spending, Please

President Joe Biden speaks about his infrastructure plan at Carpenters Pittsburgh Training Center in Pittsburgh, Pa., March 31, 2021. (Jonathan Ernst/Reuters)
Nondefense spending rises an incredible 16 percent in the president’s new wish list.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE P residential “budgets” are among the most deceiving documents to come out of Washington, D.C.

Presidents don’t set budgets; they only sign, or refuse to sign, budget-related bills from Congress. Thus when the president releases his budget — or a more limited “discretionary funding request,” as President Biden did today — it’s best seen as a sort of wide-ranging wish list, one in which not all the items are necessarily even proposed with a straight face. The previous president, after all, once “balanced the budget” by assuming yuge economic growth and proposing big cuts to the safety net, neither of which had


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