Defiant Federal Judge Calls Out the Media-Democrat Complex

President Joe Biden talks to reporters as he departs for travel to Pennsylvania to promote the “American Rescue Plan Act” from the South Lawn at the White House, March 16, 2021. (Tom Brenner/Reuters)
One D.C. Circuit jurist pulled no punches as he sounded the alarm on ‘one-party control of the press and media.’

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE ‘T he flak only gets heavy when you’re over the target.” This oft-cited World War II fighter-pilot wisdom is the best way to understand the strident reaction to Judge Laurence Silberman, the formidable senior jurist on the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, as a result of the dissent he filed in a recent libel case.

In the course of controversially urging the Supreme Court to reconsider the foundation of its modern libel jurisprudence, New York Times v. Sullivan (1964), Judge Silberman had the audacity to notice that the mainstream media function as an adjunct of the Democratic Party. When this development is

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