Jeffrey Sachs, China’s Apologist in Chief

Economist Jeffrey Sachs during an interview with Reuters in 2016. (Max Rossi/Reuters)
The prominent academic’s pro-China views can’t just be dismissed as crankery, when they’ve shaped how we talk about COVID-19.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE J effrey Sachs, the world-renowned economist who leads Columbia University’s sustainable-development program, has advised three U.N. secretaries-general, is the author of numerous books, and regularly appears on television and in the pages of prominent publications. He currently leads the COVID-19 commission of The Lancet, a prestigious medical journal.

He also routinely takes Beijing’s line on a number of issues, including COVID’s origins, China’s role in the world, and the Uyghur genocide.

The Columbia professor has long expressed views with a forgiving attitude toward authoritarian regimes, including the Chinese Communist Party. Over the past few weeks, though, he’s drawn far more attention for doing


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