Open the Museums! All of Them!

COVID crisis recedes, like the waters from the Great Flood, yet the Smithsonian museums are still closed. Pictured: Thomas Cole, The Subsiding of the Waters of the Deluge, 1829. Oil on canvas. (Smithsonian American Art Museum/Public Domain)
And solve budget woes by freezing (or reducing) the pay of the higher-ups, not by selling art for cash.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE T he two biggest museum scandals in my lifetime started last year. They’re still unfolding, and they’re in plain sight. The first, and I’ve written about this over the year, is the American museum world’s quick addiction to lockdown leisure. Many museums kept the shut sign on their doors as long as they possibly could. “Sooo inconvenient,” museum lazies purred when asked why they weren’t serving the public. “Sooo convenient” to Zoom the day away from home, paychecks by direct deposit, feet up, sipping a cool beverage, the kind with a maraschino cherry and little umbrella bobbing on top.

The panic closed

(artstreet/Getty Images)


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