Our Infrastructure Is Not Crumbling

The 10-110 freeway interchange in Los Angeles, Calif. , in 2011. (Eric Thayer/Reuters)
Somebody should tell President Biden.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE L isten to President Biden talk about the state of infrastructure, and you might imagine America as Beirut circa 1983 — a place where children can drink water only by dipping their tiny hands into the puddles they find on pothole-strewn roads that sit in front of schoolhouses made of asbestos-lined cardboard boxes and held together by discarded string.

Our infrastructure, as you’ve no doubt heard, is “crumbling.” Reporters have been perfunctorily repeating this claim for decades. I’m relatively certain the last time the word “infrastructure” was uttered without “crumbling” was before I was born. In 1986, the New York Times editorialized

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