The Bravest Man on Earth

Russian opposition figure Alexei Navalny delivers a speech during a rally to demand the release of jailed protesters, who were detained during opposition demonstrations for fair elections, in Moscow, Russia, September 29, 2019. (Shamil Zhumatov/Reuters)
Political prisoner Alexei Navalny has proven he is prepared to die in the effort to expose the abuses of the Putin regime.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE V ladimir Putin’s intended strategy to dispose of his most outspoken foe seems evident: slow-motion assassination. Russia’s hero for our time, Alexei Navalny, sits in Penal Colony No. 2 awaiting his fate, which is probably death by disease. Conditions are so bad in the prison, which is currently beset by a tuberculosis outbreak, that Putin can simply let the institution do his dirty work for him. Navalny is being tortured in his cell — guards wake him up eight times a night to deny him rest — and as he complains of a cough (though a high fever he cited earlier


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Rat Patrol

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