The FDA’s Johnson & Johnson-Vaccine Pause Should Outrage Congress

A National Guard soldier looks on at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center Vaccination Center in New York City, New York. April 6, 2021. (Timothy A. Clary/Pool via Reuters)
Lawmakers, as well as President Biden, should be livid that the agency has usurped their power.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE S enator Brian Schatz of Hawaii disagrees with the Food and Drug Administration, which this morning recommended that distribution of the Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine be paused pending “further review.” On Twitter today, Schatz confirmed that he respects “the independence of the FDA and their need to evaluate risk,” but proposed that “6 [cases of life-threatening blood clots] out of 6.8 million [vaccine recipients] is not a lot, and if they are going to land on ‘we reviewed the data and everything is fine,’ they need to be clear and quick and unequivocal.”

Schatz is correct to be displeased by what


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