The Importance of Bill Maher’s Liberal Contrarianism

Bill Maher (HBO/YouTube)
Maher drops some truth bombs on his left-of-center audience about irrational COVID fears and red-state governors such as Ron DeSantis.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE A s the veteran late-night comedy hosts have become increasingly political and increasingly partisan, only one of them has managed not to become completely predictable and boring: Bill Maher.

Not counting new entrant Greg Gutfeld, who launched his five-day-a-week show Gutfeld! two weeks ago, the late-night hosts rely heavily on repackaging Democratic Party talking points as jokes. Maher does this too, often. But the host of HBO’s Friday-night mainstay Real Time with Bill Maher is the only one of the left-of-center comics who occasionally says things that might displease his audience. Last February, he committed the triple blasphemy of mocking Bernie Sanders,

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