Will Connecticut Be the Next Race-Charged Ballot Battleground?

Connecticut State Capitol in Hartford (f11photo/Getty Images)
The legislature’s leftists ache to gut the state constitution’s limits on absentee voting.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE T he decks can never be stacked enough against political foes. Hence, the ever-leftward Democrats who run Connecticut’s legislature are plotting to bring ballot harvesting to the blue Constitution State.

Those who picture the land of Richard Blumenthal and Chris Murphy as a functioning enterprise of run-of-the-mill ballot chicanery may be surprised to discover that the hijinks potential has its limits: Connecticut’s constitution limits voting by absentee ballot and precludes early voting.

And that, contend Democrats, simply must not stand.

And with the sorry possible aid of some Republican members of the Democrat-overpopulated legislature, it won’t.

Afoot in this legislative session (it adjourns in early


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