Yes, Climate-Change Activists Want to Ban Hamburgers

Beef burger patties sizzling on a hot barbecue pan.. (Vladimir Mironov/Getty Images)
We’ve been hearing about the importance of eliminating meat for a long time, no matter what the media say today.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE T he media like to play this neat trick in which they highlight some conservative hyperbole about Democrats, and then pretend the entire underlying concern that motivated discussion of the topic is nothing but a wild conspiracy theory cooked up in a vacuum.

Take the issue of meat.

“Biden is not coming for Americans’ Big Macs, chicken wings or bacon,” the Washington Post informs us. CNN ran one of their typically idiotic chyrons yesterday: “BIDEN PREPS ADDRESS TO NATION AS GOP CONSPIRACISTS SPREAD FALSE CLAIMS ON MASK-WEARING, BEEF AND BOOKS TO ATTACK HIM.” All of this concern was prompted by a Daily Mail


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