Rescuing Yale from Woke Tyranny

When it comes to selecting alumni trustees, Yale’s administrators try to suppress outsider challenges. Pictured: Regnier, after George Caleb Bingham, Canvassing for a Vote, 1853. Color lithograph. (Public domain/Yale University Art Gallery)
The board of trustees needs some true diversity — of the ideological and professional variety.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE A t Yale University, where I went to school, the alumni are in open, exhilarating revolt. They’re exasperated by a climate of suppression, big budget and staff increases, a PC war on English classics and American history, and declining standards. Victor Ashe, the longtime mayor of Knoxville and former president of the National Conference of Mayors, is running as a challenge candidate for alumni trustee. It’s the first time in years that the official alumni office choice has faced an opponent. Voting started on April 14 and continues until May 23.

Nothing will change at America’s finest schools unless the trustees change

(Shannon Stapleton/Reuters)


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