Violent Attacks on American Jews Prove ‘Anti-Zionism’ Is Anti-Semitism

Pro-Palestinian protesters march to Times Square in New York, May 11, 2021. (Eduardo Munoz/Reuters)
Tell me it’s not about Jews.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE T his week, a wave of Jew-hatred broke out across the United States. You may not have heard much about it, since the media — so skilled at detecting every racist dog whistle and secret Nazi handshake — have been largely AWOL on the issue.

In West Los Angeles, men waving Palestinian flags drove in a caravan through a Jewish neighborhood, shouting slogans like “Israel kills children” through a megaphone and getting out of their cars to attack Jewish diners at tables on the sidewalk. In Manhattan, another caravan of men with Palestinian flags drove to the Diamond District, burning one person

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